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When innocent children laugh and play,
I see Thee standing by.
Swami Vivekananda                                            
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Vivek Vahini : The Children's Wing of the Mahamandal


Vivek Vahini is the children's wing of the Mahamandal, organized by many units of the organization, to inculcate life-giving ideas into the children. The Mahamandal believes that proper growth of the body, mind, and heart must start from a very tender age, but that requires a special programme particularly suitable for children. The scheme of Vivek Vahini is a comprehensive approach to materialize this idea.


Boys and girls from the age of 6 can join the Vivek Vahini centres. Girls continue to be its members till the age of 12, boys till the age of 14. They are divided into several groups depending upon the numerical strength. The programme is conducted mostly at playgrounds and includes prayer and patriotic songs, recitation, story telling, parade, physical training, yogic exercises, gymnastics, games, and so on. It is ensured that every activity has some educational value, and special games have been designed for this purpose. A weekly study circle is regularly arranged and attention is given to the development of qualities like honesty, self-confidence, discipline, and cleanliness. Here they also learn the meaning and method of mental concentration and to love India and her people. Team spirit develops through disciplined social work and short tours in and around the locality of the unit.

Guardians are involved throughout the process by arranging regular meetings between them and the organizers. The children take part in various cultural programmes that sometimes involve the community. Many units run free Coaching Centres which cater to the academic needs of students including the children of Vivek Vahini.

The organizers are specially trained at the Annual Vivek Vahini Trainers' Training Camp of the Mahamandal. Training is given not only in games and programmes, but more in child psychology and the right motivation and outlook for working among children. The trained organizers return from these camps with greater understanding of how to work with children for their development.



Take greatest care of these young ones on whom our future depends.

Make your children strong from their very childhood; teach them not weakness, nor forms, but make them strong, let them stand on their feet.

If I had a child, I would from its very birth begin to tell it, 'Thou art the Pure One.'

To me the very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts. If I had to do my education over again, and had any voice in the matter, I would not study facts at all. I would develop the power of concentration and detachment, and then with a perfect instrument, I could collect facts at will. Side by side, in the child, should be developed the power of concentration and detachment.

Nothing is more important than that the child must have a strong and healthy body.

  Swami Vivekananda  

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