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Women must be put in a position to solve their own problems in their own way.... And our Indian women are as capable of doing it as any in the world.
Swami Vivekananda
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Sarada Nari Sangathan  :  The Sister Organization of the Mahamandal


Sarada Nari Sangathan, a sister organization of the Mahamandal, established in 1989, has been working independently on the lines of the Mahamandal. At present Sarada Nari Sangathan has 50 centres. Weekly study circles are held at all its centres. It organizes All India, zonal, and local training camps for women, where practical methods of character building, mental concentration, physical exercise, etc are taught. Hundreds of women attend these training camps round the year.


Swami Vivekananda held women in great esteem and said that India cannot rise unless her women get proper education and the place of highest dignity. He wanted educated women to come forward for the emancipation of women and held that women must solve women’s problems independently. So, the sister organization of the Mahamandal is working independently, though on the same line of work.

The Sangathan intends to organize women across India around the ideal of Sri Sarada Devi, who was, in the words of Sister Nivedita, 'Sri Ramakrishna's final word as to the ideal of Indian Womenhood'.


That country and that nation which do not respect women have never become great, nor will ever be in future. The principal reason why your race has so much degenerated is that you have no respect for these living images of Shakti.

Why is it that our country is the weakest and the most backward of all countries? – because Shakti is held in dishonour there. Mother (Sri Sarada Devi) has been born to revive that wonderful Shakti in India; and making her the nucleus, once more will Gargis and Maitreyis be born into the world.

I am glad to tell you I have made a rude beginning. But the same work I want to do, on parallel lines, for women. And my principle is: each one helps oneself. My help is from a distance…. As soon as they have begun, I wash my hands of it. No man shall dictate to a woman, nor a woman to a man. Each one is independent. What bondage there may be is only that of love. Women will work out their own destinies – much better, too, than men can ever do for them. All the mischief to women has come because men undertook to shape the destiny of women. And I do not want to start with any initial mistake. One little mistake made then will go on multiplying; and if you succeed, in the long run that mistake will have assumed gigantic proportions and become hard to correct.

  Swami Vivekananda  

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