• Periodical Special Training Camp

    Central Orgnaization, Akhil Bharat Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal,

    16th Nov 2019, Saturday  -  17th Nov 2019, Sunday

  • District OTC

    District Monitoring Committee, Purba Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur and Jhargram Dist.,

    23rd Nov 2019, Saturday  -  24th Nov 2019, Sunday

  • Daylong Youth Training Camp

    Ramrajatala Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal, Dharmatala, Kona Road, Santragachhi, Howrah, West Bengal

    8th Dec 2019, Sunday

  • Daylong Youth Training Camp

    Uluberia Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal, Vill - Nona, PO - Uluberia, Howrah, West Bengal

    15th Dec 2019, Sunday (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

  • Annual All India Youth Training Camp

    Central Organization, Akhil Bharat Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal,

    25th Dec 2019, Wednesday  -  30th Dec 2019, Monday

Adolescent Development Programmes

The Idea

Man is the basic thing and man-making is the fundamental work. Every kind of works from personal life to society depends on the quality of the concerned people, which is ruled by their character. Again character can also be built through practice. So we should not lose hope and try to do practice for improvement of our life.

An individual may, of course, attempt at man-making with himself or others. But, to make a serious attempt everywhere and not to leave it as casual endeavors of a few, an organized effort that will cover all parts of the country is essential. And that is the idea behind the Mahamandal.


The adolescent is the most important stage of human life, and future life mainly depends on this stage. We have noticed that the teenagers are neither suitable for the Vivek Vahini’s program nor the youth training programs. It is also true that there is inadequate number of training programs suitable for them, except a few annual 2 days camps organized at Purba and Paschim Medinipur. The Mahamandal now considers a separate training methodology specially developed for the teenagers, which is developed by a collective support of several school teachers and senior leaders of Mahamandal.

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Recent Activities

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Swami Vivekananda